Get started with your AWS Account

If you already have an AWS account, and have IAM Administrator access, you can skip this page.

  1. If you don’t already have an AWS account with Administrator access: create one now

  2. Once you have an AWS account, ensure you are following the remaining workshop steps as an IAM user with administrator access to the AWS account: Create a new IAM user to use for the workshop

  3. Enter the user details:


  1. Attach the AdministratorAccess IAM Policy:


  1. Click to create the new user:


  1. Take note of the login URL and save:


Deploying Your Working Environment

As mentioned above, the first step is to deploy a CloudFormation template that will perform much of the initial setup work for you. In another browser window or tab, login to your AWS account. Once you have done that, open the link below in a new tab to start the process of deploying the items you need via CloudFormation.

Launch Stack

Follow along with the screenshots below if you have any questions about deploying the stack.

Cloud Formation Wizard

Start by clicking Next at the bottom like this:


On this page you have a few tasks:

  1. Change the Stack name to something relevant like AmazonPersonalizeImmersionDay
  2. Change the Notebook Name (Optional)
  3. Alter the VolumeSize for the SageMaker EBS volume, default is 10GB, if your dataset is expected to be larger, please increase this accordingly.

When you are done click Next at the bottom.


This page is a bit longer, so scroll to the bottom to click Next. All of the defaults should be sufficient to complete the POC, if you have custom requirements, alter as necessary.


Again scroll to the bottom, check the box to enable the template to create new IAM resources and then click Create Stack.


For a few minutes CloudFormation will be creating the resources described above on your behalf it will look like this while it is provisioning:

Once it has completed you’ll see green text like below indicating that the work has been completed:

Now that your environment has been created go to the service page for SageMaker by clicking Services in the top of the console and then searching for SageMaker and clicking the service.


From the SageMaker console, scroll until you see the green box indicating now many notebooks you have in service and click that.


On this page you will see a list of any SageMaker notebooks you have running, simply click the Open JupyterLab link on the Amazon Personalize Immersion Day notebook you have created


This will open the Jupyter environment for your POC; think of it as a web based data science IDE if you are not familiar with it.