Training Layer

Once you have finished Preparing and Importing Data, you are ready to create a Solution. In this chapter you will be interacting with the Training Layer notebook.

In your SageMaker instance navigate to the notebooks folder under the domain you would like to explore and open the /notebooks/{domain}/02_Training_Layer.ipynb

A Solution refers to the combination of an Amazon Personalize recipe, customized parameters, and one or more solution versions (trained models). Once you create a solution with a solution version, you can create a campaign to deploy the solution version and get recommendations.

To create a solution in Amazon Personalize, you will do the following in your notebook:

  1. Choose a recipe – A recipe is an Amazon Personalize term specifying an appropriate algorithm to train for a given use case. See Choosing a Recipe.

  2. Configure a solution – Customize solution parameters and recipe-specific hyperparameters so the model meets your specific business needs. See Configuring a Solution.

  3. Create a solution version (train a model) – Train the machine learning model Amazon Personalize will use to generate recommendations for your customers. See Creating a Solution Version.

  4. Evaluate the solution version – Use the metrics Amazon Personalize generates from the new solution version to evaluate the performance of the model. See Evaluating a Solution Version.

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